Tutorial: How to use SugarEdit

Task No matter how well you feed your ants, a spoonful of sugar gives them a real boost. They work harder and faster when you feed them the occasional sugar lump.

You can use sugar to boost production, and reduce research and building times. (Just remember that you can both boost building speed of chambers, mines and weapons or boost the production of resources.)

Also you can use sugar to change which of your colonies will be your main colony.

Click on the Economy icon in the main menu at the bottom of the window and select Sugar. You can now choose to decrease the time your ants need to build chambers, mines and research new units or you can decide that you want your ants to increase the amount of resources your ants gather.

If you want to stock up on sugar, you will find the appropriate option there as well.

  • Open the Sugar menu
  • Select the way you want to invest your sugar and confirm
Use 1 Sugar for Reduce building time
Reward 500 Gold
Quest 'Tutorial: Taxes and Gold' available
End text Note: Sugar decreases the time needed for building, research and production!