Tutorial: Building your Army, Part 2: Recruit your ArmyEdit

Task You now have made all the preparations to produce weapons, armor and units - now you should start recruiting your first soldiers.

Open the Army menu and select Unit Production.

Most of the units can only be built after you have researched that particular type of unit. Spear Ants are available right from the start.

Select Spear Ants, chose how many you want to build and click on "Recruit". If you have enough resources, gold and equipment (armor and weapons) your new Spear Ant will be available soon.

  • Open Unit Production
  • Select unit
  • Select number of ants
  • Click on "Recruit"
Draft 3 Spear Ant
eward 2 Spear Ant
Quest 'Tutorial: Building your Army, Part 3: Research' available
End text Note: Armies can consist of different types of units.